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Weekly Outlines – Week Three

Purpose of the Group for Participants

  • To understand their grief process
  • To respond to their traumatic loss in more active/empowered ways
  • To foster resilience
  • To tell their stories in healing ways
  • To improve overall health and daily functioning
  • To learn from and support each other in the grief process
  • To restore a sense of self

Objective: Grief and Trauma Response

The next two sessions will help participants better understand and deal with grief and trauma response. During these sessions, a trauma specialist in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will define what trauma is, how it manifests itself physically, emotionally, spiritually, similarly how grief shows and manifests itself and how to deal with trauma and grief when people are dealing with the aftermath of sudden, violent death. The presenter will provide psycho-education around the reaction and feelings related to the impact of loss of a loved one to violence. PSTD is only one of the reactions. Insight will be provided concerning how one might be impacted or respond to different situations.

Adapted from the B.C. Victims of Homicide Resource Guide for Facilitators of Homicide Loss Support Group (March 2014) and Canadian Parents Of Murdered Children’s Rebuilding Shattered Lives pilot project (March – April 2016).