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Risk Factors and Protectors

During Week Two of the 2014 and 2016 Rebuilding Shattered Lives pilot project sessions, participants were asked to identify and share risk factors within themselves and protectors that help them cope. The following were mentioned and may be added to those that current participants mention:

Risk Factors

  • Extreme Sadness
  • Loss of Control over Substance Abuse of Family Member
  • Loss of Hope
  • Uncertainty of Outcome of Situation
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Result of Medication(s)
  • Fear of Unknown
  • Revisiting Scene/Town Where Crime Occurred
  • Reactivating Past Event
  • Family Conflicts/Taking Sides
  • Isolation
  • Protecting the Truth about the Facts
  • Fear for the Next Generations
  • Newspapers/Media
  • Repeat Similar Crimes
  • Fear of Physical Exposure
  • Halts (Hungry/Angry/Lonely/Tired/Stressed)


  • Support to Others in Similar Situations
  • Support of Friends
  • Writing (Journal/Book/Letters)
  • Keeping Busy
  • Fundraising Projects
  • Plan More Time for Self
  • Fun Interaction(s)
  • Research on Victims Issues
  • Changing Scenery
  • Story-Telling (Legacy/Heritage to Next Generation)
  • Memories and Stories and Accomplishments of the Victim
  • “Communicating” With the Victim
  • Peer Support Groups