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Why is CPOMC Necessary?

One day people are leading a normal life and the next day they are thrust into a foreign world through no choice of their own, having to deal with police, lawyers, courts, media, parole, as well as their unrelenting grief of having lost a loved one to murder. In an instant, life as we once knew it disappears and the future becomes a struggle between moving on and hanging on. Few can ever appreciate the true impact of murder on a family, yet anyone of us could find ourselves in this position. Living in the aftermath of murder is a constant emotional and spiritual struggle.

Survivors of homicide victims go through the worst grief they will probably ever experience and are constantly being re-victimized by the inevitable bureaucracy that follows a murder, which compounds their trauma.

Justice will only be achieved when those who are not injured by crime, feel as indignant as those who are.

King Solomon 635-577 BC