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Weekly Outlines – Week Four

Purpose of the Group for Participants

  • To understand their grief process
  • To respond to their traumatic loss in more active/empowered ways
  • To foster resilience
  • To tell their stories in healing ways
  • To improve overall health and daily functioning
  • To learn from and support each other in the grief process
  • To restore a sense of self

Objective: Grief and Trauma Response

This session will continue to help participants better understand and deal with grief and trauma response.

Component Discussion Tools / Resources
Topic Grief and Trauma Response
Introduction Welcome participants and check-in. Facilitator to bring candle and lighter.
Week Four Session Trauma specialist to continue leading discussion to help participants better understand and deal with grief and trauma response. Refer to Homicide Grief Chart.
Refreshment Break – 15 minute break –
Week Four Session Continued Trauma specialist to continue leading this discussion.
Closing Activity Introduce next week’s topic. Ask for feedback concerning what will be discussed based on the description previously provided.

Refer to the Evaluation Form at Tab 11 and encourage participants to complete appropriate sections while the information is fresh in their minds;

Next week’s closing activity to be decided upon;

Facilitators to lead calming period exercise.

Refer to Theoretical FoundationsStages of Grief, and the Self-Care Checklist.

Adapted from the B.C. Victims of Homicide Resource Guide for Facilitators of Homicide Loss Support Group (March 2014) and Canadian Parents Of Murdered Children’s Rebuilding Shattered Lives pilot project (March – April 2016).