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Statement Regarding Spirituality

Note to Facilitators: The following statement can be used as an opening statement for discussion concerning Spirituality.


In a book entitled “Homicide: The Hidden Victims – A Guide for Professionals” by Deborah Spungen, the following statements appear regarding spirituality:

Spirituality, as defined by Young (1994),

refers to the essential core values and the animating force within human beings…. For some, religious principles guide their understanding of spirituality. For most, their sense of spirituality helps to define their value systems

p. 8:1

One’s spirituality after the violent death of a loved one can be either a steadying or challenging force.

Whether a member of an organized religion or not, one’s beliefs, including faith in God (or a higher power) often change as a result of death…. One may increase, decrease or change particular practices as a result of his processing

Gyulay, 1989, p.17

Co-victims may find spirituality to be a troublesome issue, adding to the trauma and pain, as they search for acceptable responses to their theological doubts and questions and attempt to reach an understanding of their spirituality and its significance.